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:퀵 리부트(Quick Reboot [ROOT])입니다.

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전원 메뉴(파워메뉴)를

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파워오프, 재부팅, 리커버리로 재부팅, 다운로드 모드로 재부팅 등

다양한 기능이 추가됩니다.

*** Application deprecated ***
This application has been replaced with Quick Reboot Pro (https://goo.gl/GN2QYh) which is now free!

*** This app requires root access to work *** 
If you do not have a rooted device can't be used. If you do not know what "root" is, please do some research about. Please do not leave a bad feedback because it's not an app's fault.

Advanced reboot options are not available in your ROM?
Bored from being forced to use ADB or terminal to enter advanced modes?

Forget everything! This application gives you access to all the advanced reboot options in one single place, you don't need to type commands in terminal or do anything else.

Also provides a widget for your home screen, reboot has never been faster.

Available options:
- Normal reboot
- Enter safe mode
- Fast reboot (UI/apps)
- Reboot to recovery
- Reboot to bootloader*
- Power off
- Restart SystemUI

*fastboot mode for supported devices, download mode for Samsung

Fastboot mode (reboot to bootloader): its behavior cannot be handled by this app who only provides a way to enter it. The device may not allow the user to exit it without ADB, for example in case of non-removable battery or unavailable reset by long pressing the power/lock key.
In case you are stuck in fastboot mode, grab a computer and do the following:
1- Install ADB and fastboot from https://goo.gl/abtKRv
2- Make sure you have installed the proper USB drivers for your device and connect it to the computer
3- In a terminal window, type fastboot reboot and press enter

Alternately, let the battery discharge until auto power off.

Safe mode: Android will temporarily disable all the user apps including Quick Reboot. To exit it, reboot or power off your device with the built-in power menu accessible by long pressing the power/lock key.

Found issues? Please contact me rather than leaving a bad feedback.

Do you want this app translated in your language? Feel free to ask for it.

- Anthony Boyd (https://www.behance.net/savageacee) Pixel XL mockup
- Lucas Smith (https://dribbble.com/volanStudio) Nexus 7 mockup
- Matt Reed (https://dribbble.com/painteddigital) Nexus 9 mockup

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  Quick Reboot [ROOT]- 스크린샷   Quick Reboot [ROOT]- 스크린샷   Quick Reboot [ROOT]- 스크린샷





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Quick Reboot [ROOT]  1.6.1

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